TETRIS Axis – Nintendo 3DS XL Gameplay

Nintendo store link Tetris Axis


Over 20 Tetris game modes!

Featured Game Modes: Marathon, Computer Battle, Fever, and Survival

Party Game Modes: Stage Racer Plus, Shadow Wide, Jigsaw, Tower Climber, Capture, Fit, Bombliss™ Plus, Sprint, and Master Mode

Augmented Reality Game Modes: AR Marathon and AR Climber

Local Multiplayer Game Modes (2P–8P): VS Battle, VS Stage Racer, VS Shadow Wide, VS Capture, and Co‐op Tower Climber

Download Play Game Modes (2P–8P): Marathon with Everyone, Fever with Everyone, and VS Battle

Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection Game Modes (2P–8P): 4 variants of World Battle

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