Steps to Download and Install Android Oreo Beta on Nokia 6

Nu sunt testate sau redactate de mine. Sunt postate pe forumurile speciale pentru Nokia 6.

They are not tested or edited by me. They are posted on special Nokia 6 forums.

1. Download Nokia Beta Labs website to enroll your device for the Android Oreo Beta update from HERE

2. Click on the Sign In button in order to sign up for the Nokia Beta Labs program and enroll your Nokia 6 for the Android Oreo Beta update.

3. After this, you will be asked to accept some agreements and you will be signed up for the Android Oreo Beta update.

4. Once you have signed up, you will see a message with Welcome to the Forefront of Android. Scroll down below and you will be asked for your device’s information like IMEI number and Network operator.

5. Then, click on I agree to the beta software license terms and you can then Register for the Beta Labs

6. Once you click on Register button, you will receive a confirmation message and then your smartphone will receive an OTA update.

7. Now, download and install this OTA update on your Nokia 6 normally and the Android Oreo Beta update will be installed along with December security patch.


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